Platinum Facial

              Platinum facial

Platinum facial helps to cleanse your skin and restores the natural balance of skin to keep it healthy. Based on highly advanced technology, this revolutionary facial cleanses and restores the ideal moisturize balance and revitalizes the skin making it appear brighter and more radiant.


Helps to restore skin’s elasticity & firmness
It provides absolute nourishment to the skin and brings radiant glow to your face
Unique 6 steps formulation with natural actives and Platinum that tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, & polishes your skin

Key Ingredients:

Platinum, Grape Fruit Extract, Olive, Ginkgo Biloba, Punica Granatum Flower Extract & Avocado

Cleanser & Toner:

Deeply cleanses your skin, minimize the pores and make your skin ready for facial.
Scrub: With colloidal platinum & grape leaf extract that exfoliates retextures & remove skin impurities.
Gel: Enriched with colloidal platinum & grapefruit extract, enhance skin’s natural defense, make skin firm and supple.

Ultra-rich with colloidal platinum, cocoa butter & ginseng root extract, provides nourishment.
Pack: Enriched with colloidal platinum & patraes fruit extracts, makes skin firm & supple, with a radiant glow.
Moisturises your skin, while SPF15 with PA+ protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

platinum is used in catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, electrical contacts and electrodes, platinum resistance thermometers, dentistry equipment, and jewelry. Being a heavy metal, it leads to health problems upon exposure to its salts; but due to its corrosion resistance, metallic platinum has not been linked to adverse health effects.Compounds containing platinum, such as cisplatin, oxaliplatin and carboplatin, are applied in chemotherapy against certain types of cancer.