Price of Massage

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 Price of Massage

Prices of Massage  are set by length of appointments, which are typically 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. Rates are similar for the many different types of massage, but adding hot stones, aromatherapy or other services adds 10-20 percent. Fees are lower in the Midwest, and highest in coastal regions and urban centers. While there is typically little difference in fees among spas, gyms or specialty clinics, rates at hotel and resort spas are typically 30 to 50 percent higher.we charge Nominal compared to other spas and we will provide you excellent services.

 1.Here are the list of different massages and the cost:

     TYPES OF MASSAGE                  60 MIN              90 MIN
     SWEDISH MASSAGE                   1800              2000
      AROMA MASSAGE                   1800               2000
      BALINESE MASSAGE                  2300               2500
     DEEP ISSUE MASSAGE                  2300               2500
     THAI MASSAGE                   2700               3000
     LOMI LOMI MASSAGE                   2000               2300
    MUSCLE RELAXING                  2000                2300
    STRESS  RELIEVING                 2000               2300
    SPORTS MASSAGE                  2000               2300
    HOT STONE MASSAGE                  2800                3200

2.About our services:

 At the Shell Spa, we take responsibility in what we do and therefore we ensure that the word “Service” is lived up to, as it should be.  Like most Spa’s, we too offer services but what makes us unique is the way we approach, treat and make our clients feel at home.  We look into every single detail when it comes to the likes and wants of our clients, so as to make them feel special and carefree from all their weary being to feeling satiated and elated.